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The Membership Benefits

At Adiona we allow you to choose between on-demand services and membership program.

Depending on your needs and utilisation you will know what's the best option for you.


If you are looking for ongoing concierge services, being a member will be the smartest choice you can make.

Indeed, you will be allocated a private lifestyle manager who will get to know you, build a trust relationship and understand your tastes and aspirations in order to give greatest recommendations and propose you the best experiences and alternatives tailored to your personality. 

He will become your exclusive point of contact and personally manage every details of your annual travels and know what you want without you having to say it!

You will always be the first informed about our new partnerships and collaborations and will get priority service, exclusive events invitations, partners offers, discounts and others advantages.

Because we value quality over quantity our membership program is now limited to 200 private clients.

Thereby we are able to shortly satisfy all our members and maintain our professionalism and  a high value and quality of our services.

Additional information and prices on request.

Please make sure to contact us below and tell us more about your person and why do you want to join the program. Our team will examine your application very carefully and get back to your under 24 hours. 

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